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Debrecen, Simonffy Street 33. (Entrance from Tisza István út) +36 30 7085507
We warmly welcome our guests
in luxurious conditions in Debrecen, where we use the latest technologies and carefully selected, in our opinion, the most effective products.

3D software face diagnostics

SKIN SMART DIAGNOSIS BY SKEYNDOR is a diagnostic device consisting of a hand- held camera and a tablet, which gives an accurate picture of your skin ‘s current condition . As part of this , it measures skin hydration ( through skin resistance ) , sebum production , the size of pores and wrinkles , pigmentation and extent of possible acne. It is also ideal for monitoring changes in condition after treatment.

Slimming and shaping body treatments under the ears

Among our state-of-the-art fat-burning and shaping procedures, everyone can find the most favorable one for them, be it slimming after having children, eliminating cellulite, regenerating sagging, loose connective tissue or even muscle relaxation. Our qualified colleagues help all our dear guests to choose the most suitable solution.
We recommend using our body treatments in combination, as their mutually reinforcing effect allows for much more intense results.


With the help of PowerShape2 technology, it is possible to drastically reduce skin irregularities, fat deposits and cellulite in any area of the body. The skin will be tighter, more flexible, and smoother even in areas where it is difficult to achieve actual results beyond surgical interventions. For example, the upper arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs. The Power Shape2 technology combines in one device the functions that most facial and body treatment devices can only implement separately. These are radio frequency, vacuum, and laser technology. Power Shape2 technology can be applied to the body and to actively tighten the skin of the face, neck and decolletage. The treatment is a completely painless procedure. During body treatments, our goal is usually to break down fat, reduce body volume, remove orange skin and remove loose, sagging skin. With the help of PowerShape2, we can achieve spectacular results without the need for surgical intervention. The PowerShape2 used during the treatment is a multifunctional shaping and facial treatment device that combines multipolar and bipolar radio frequency and lipolaser technology with the power of vacuum. During the treatment, the cell membrane of the fat cells becomes permeable, so their cell contents can easily leave the lymphatic system. The vacuum built into the device increases lymph circulation, thereby helping the removal of excess waste and fat from the body.

Professional Wave Massage

The Doctor Life DL1200H wave massage machine is the top-of-the-range model of the product family and is excellent for complementing other body shaping treatments available in our Center.


In addition, leg pain can be alleviated by independent use of the equipment, and it supports the elimination of waste materials and broken-down fats from the body by stimulating lymphatic circulation.

The wave massage equipment can also be used independently to eliminate cellulite, break down fat, and reduce body volume.

If you want to slim down in a relaxed way, definitely try our wave massage therapy.

The device provides a very pleasant feeling during operation: the sleeping bag-like device has air chambers that are filled with air based on computer control and massage the body in the direction of the foot.

The wave massage therapy is not only used to complement fat-reducing and shaping treatments and to increase their effectiveness, but can also be used independently, primarily for the treatment of the following problems:

  • edematous legs,
  • overweight,
  • slag removal and detoxification cures,
  • stress management,
  • sleep disorders,
  • weakened immune system,
  • constipation,
  • in case of insufficient intestinal functions.


For the treatment, we provide a cotton T-shirt, long pants, and a pair of socks.

Wiener therapy

The Wiener Kosmetikum® aromatherapy body scrub is one of the efficiency-enhancing procedures of mechanical treatments. In addition, we recommend it to guests who are looking for a natural way to slim down and shape their body instead of mechanical treatments.
The procedure is based on the cold-heat effect, exploiting the cooling reaction given by our body due to the blood-enhancing effect of the valuable essential oils.
With the procedure, we can easily and quickly achieve a reduction in body volume, the elimination of skin irregularities and the elimination of unwanted fat deposits.
Due to their strong hyperemetic effect, the essential oils in the active ingredients evoke intense blood circulation and blood abundance in the upper layers of the tissue. As a result of this, a feeling of internal coldness occurs in the deeper layers of the body. One of the basic functions of our body is to maintain the internal heat balance necessary for the functioning of the body and internal organs. However, the effect of building internal temperature is that the body must break down and burn stored excess fat in order to maintain thermal balance with the help of the generated energy.

Professional laser hair removal

Professional laser hair removal

We have tested countless hair removal devices. Based on our preliminary market research, we purchased the most effective equipment, which is already available in our salon in Debrecen!

Surprisingly, the hair on us does not grow at the same time: there are longer and shorter, thicker and weaker ones amongst our body hair and hair strands. This is because each hair has its own growth rate. This growth process consists of four phases: the growth phase (anagen), the degenerative phase (catagen), the resting phase (telogen), and the shedding phase (exogen).

Pigmentation of hair and fur is regulated by melanocytes in the hair follicle. They produce melanin and introduce it into the hair follicle. However, this process only takes place during the anagen phase, not after that. Therefore, the basis of all hair removal is to be able to act on hairs in this stage.

The laser we use enters the hair follicle and is absorbed into the melanin there. There, it is converted into heat energy and causes thermal damage to the melanin, thus destroying itself and the hair follicle. However, it is very important that the surrounding tissues remain intact. Diode lasers are widely used for hair removal because some research shows that they are more effective and less painful than other lasers. That’s why we chose a diode laser from the countless laser types. The 808 nm Diode Laser is a high-performance and extremely efficient device.

Manager massage

During our invigorating and energizing manager’s massage, we use the basic techniques of cosmetic massage to reduce stress-induced muscle spasms and pain in the shoulders, neck, arms and head area.

We recommend this relaxing, stress-relieving treatment to those who want to refresh and relax.

For the treatment, we use aromatherapy massage oils rich in vitamins and minerals, free of paraffin and dyes, which we adapt to the needs of the Guest. We consider it important that our guests recharge and relax in a short time, both physically and mentally.

Benefits of massage:

  • increases the body’s resistance,
  • stimulates blood circulation,
  • relieves fatigue, sleep problems,
  • regenerates,
  • improves mood,
  • improves the condition of the muscles,
  • reduces inflammation,
  • supports the preservation of the flexibility and youth of the body.

Exclusive eyebrow and lip permanent makeup to enhance your natural beauty

Permanent makeup has existed in the beauty industry since 1902, but since then they have continuously developed and refined and are now a significant part of beauty interventions.

The permanent makeup with the help of makeup, a permanent character can be applied to the face, without having to apply makeup to the given area every day.

During human communication, eyes and mouth are the first to be noticed, so it is worth emphasizing these areas.

With the new exclusive permanent makeup from AW Cosmetics, we can not only save time and money. Permanent makeup can also help those who are allergic to cosmetics, or suffer from autoimmune diseases, trichotillomania, or alopecia. It can also help to restore the image and self-confidence of those who have lost part of their hair, as well as the symmetry of pigmented areas (e.g. the lips) due to some disease, medication or chemotherapy.

As part of the Exclusive permanent makeup, we provide the following services to our Guests:

Eyebrow permanent makeup

Soft Powder Brows

  • CHARACTERISTICS: the natural-looking, contourless permanent makeup. The essence of the technique is that the eyebrows do not have sharp contour lines. We work with very fine “powdering”, so we get natural eyebrows that gently fit into the face.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: For those who want a natural effect.

  • THE HEALING PROCESS: Depending on the individual, the scab will heal completely in 5-10 days, and the entire area in 28 days.

Shape Line Brows

  • CHARACTER: Similar to Soft to Powder, with the difference that with this technique, the eyebrows have a sharper contour line at the bottom and top, and the front is made with a fine, soft transition. In its overall effect, it highlights the eyebrows more than Soft Powder , but still does not create an exaggerated effect.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: For those who like a more make-up effect.
  • THE HEALING PROCESS: Depending on the individual, the scab will heal completely in 5-10 days, and the entire area in 28 days.

Microblading Brows

  • CHARACTERISTICS: in the Japanese fiber technique, we work with a hand tool, which allows us to create very thin hairs. Thus, the most realistic threading can be achieved with this method. Due to its subtlety, unfortunately, the pigments remain in the skin for a shorter time than other techniques, and it can only be done on skin that has not been tattooed before, or the previous permanent makeup has completely worn off.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: For those who are fans of classic beauty.
  • THE HEALING PROCESS: Depending on the individual, the scab will heal completely in 5-10 days, and the entire area in 28 days.

Hybrid Brows 

  • CHARACTERISTIC: the solution that combines manual and machine technology to provide a design world that can be tailored to the individual.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: For those who want to achieve a shape and character different from their own eyebrow shape.

  • THE HEALING PROCESS: Depending on the individual, the scab will heal completely in 5-10 days, and the entire area in 28 days.

Lip permanent makeup

Natural Lip

  • CHARACTERISTIC: Contourless, soft technique, during which we work with colors that harmonize with your own mouth color.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: We recommend it to those whose lips require minimal extra pigmentation, thus we can make the whole face fresher.
  • THE HEALING PROCESS: Depending on the individual, the scab will heal completely in 5-10 days, and the entire area in 28 days.

Magic Lip

  • CHARACTERISTICS: This technique can be suitable for shape correction and minimal optical enrichment.
  • RECOMENDE FOR: Ideal for guests who prefer a more make-up effect, but with a restrained color choice, a very soft effect can also be achieved with it. It can be an excellent choice for thicker or even thinner lips, as it highlights all of them tastefully.
  • THE HEALING PROCESS: Depending on the individual, the scab will heal completely in 5-10 days, and the entire area in 28 days.

Before the treatment

  • We provide all our dear guests with a preliminary consultation, during which we perform a preliminary allergy test, draw the proposed shape and help in choosing the right color and technique. During the consultation, our experts provide detailed information about permanent makeups, individual methods, and colors. The price of the preliminary consultation is included in the price of the intervention.
  • It is also worth bringing your favorite eyebrow pencil or lipstick to the preliminary consultation.
  • Before permanent makeup, it is worth moisturizing the affected area, as hydrated, energetic epithelial cells heal much faster. Pay attention to UV protection as well, because we do not intervene in burnt areas.
  • In the case of Ladies, it is worth booking appointments outside of the period of menstruation, as Ladies are more sensitive and bleeding during menstruation.
  • In addition to the preliminary consultation, the prices of our permanent makeups also include the price of the aftercare cream and the correction.
  • In order to protect the health of our guests, we do not carry out permanent makeups after or in the event of a herpes infection. In this regard, we provide detailed information and assistance during the preliminary consultation.
  • In case of correction of the previous permanent makeup, HUF +10,000 is added to our prices.

Professional facial treatments for Ladies and Gentlemen

Thermage radiofrequency facial rejuvenation

The Power Shape 2 device has been supplemented with a completely new function.

During the Thermage therapy, we specifically target the fiber network that ensures the tightness of the skin with the radio frequency effect. The heat energy expressed in this way promotes the tightening and regeneration of collagen fibers, as well as the formation of completely new fibers.

As a result of the heat effect, the skin becomes tighter, more compact, and visibly renewed. Deep wrinkles are reduced, the skin looks healthier and younger even after the first treatment.

Beauty & Go! facial treatments

Beauty & Go! facial treatments are facial treatments that are shorter and can even be included in the lunch break, the purpose of which is to quickly and visually replenish the skin. Even before a date or an event that requires a fresh appearance, it is worth using a treatment adapted to the current state of our skin.

Types of our Beauty&Go! treatments:

Beauty & Go! Stem cell treatment: by using stem cells extracted from the Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber apple, which activates the stem cells of human skin, and short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid, the treatment supports regeneration processes, stimulates cell renewal, increases preserves elasticity and smoothes out wrinkles. The work of apple stem cells is also supported by the Hydro Express Complex, which is a molecular network of natural biopolymers (hyaluronic acid, alginate and pullulan) and with the help of which ultra-concentrated moisturizing agents (glycerin, serine, trehalose, urea) can be delivered to the skin.

Beauty & Go! Normalizing treatment: Excessive oil gland activity not only leads to the appearance of unwanted shine on the skin, but also damages the skin flora. This lack of balance in the skin profile makes it an ideal breeding ground for certain bacteria, making it possible for them to multiply. These contribute to the formation of certain skin inflammations and blackheads.

The ‘anti-sebum’ active ingredient complex+ used during the treatment contains olive leaf (oleanolic acid), which reduces excessive sebum production, has a keratolytic and bactericidal effect, the Aloe Vera extract soothes, cleanses and hydrates the skin, while the Red Algae extract (Condrus Crispus) deeply hydrates it.

Beauty & Go! Detox treatment: Revitalizing treatment with active concentrates that contain highly concentrated detoxifying substances, such as α-glucan and avocado peptides in particular. The latter stimulates the detoxification processes that occur naturally in the cells and helps break down unnecessary and useless protein byproducts. The yeast extract found in the products used during the treatment increases the cells’ natural autophagocytosis process, breaks down cellular waste, oxidized proteins and lipids in the cells.

In addition, Hydro Express Complex delivers natural biopolymers – found in healthy skin – to the skin’s corneum layer, Wild viola extract activates water channels between skin cells, replenishing the skin’s moisture stores, Ectoine protects the cells of the epidermis from environmental stress, hydrates the reticular network of the cell membrane, reducing skin surface water loss and pigmentation spots.

Beauty & Go! Hyaluron treatment: During the treatment, we deliver high concentration moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, skin-lifting and moisture booster agents into the skin. Dry skin visibly smooths out immediately, and the face shines once again with a youthful freshness.

In the long term, the skin’s moisture content increases and the skin’s protection and immune system strengthens. We prevent harmful environmental effects, free radicals and oxidative stress in order to prevent premature aging of the skin and to support its own cell repair mechanisms.

The high concentration of long-chain hyaluronic acid in our products is skin-conditioning, hydrating and smoothing , while short-chain hyaluronic acid is an active ingredient with extreme moisturizing and moisture-retaining effects and high moisture-binding capacity, which lifts and smooths the epidermis from deep down.

 Beauty & Go! Lifting treatment: The new research result of Janssen Cosmetics is the development of a special anti-aging technology. Thanks to the latest computer simulations, we now know that the contour of the face plays an important role in determining age. Our products used for the Lifting treatment contain elastin-stimulating peptides, which make the contour of the face noticeably higher and tighter. The effect of this is complemented by an extremely effective active plant substance, reducing pigmentation disorders and protecting the skin against sunburn and free radicals. During the treatment we hydrate the skin with natural biopolmers, which visibly remove fine lines and wrinkles

Cleansing treatments

There might be several contaminations accumulated on our skin, preventing proper skin breathing, clogging the pores, creating a favorable breeding ground for various pathogens and making the skin dull and lifeless. To eliminate this, regular facial cleansing at home and professional cleansing every few weeks is very important.

In our center, we offer two types of facial cleansing treatments: a sixty-minute session (Express cleansing facial treatment), which you can request before other treatments, and a longer, ninety-minute session (Deep cleansing facial treatment).

Mesotherapy facial treatments without needles

During the procedure, we deliver active ingredients of medical grade penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin without needles. We can achieve this by creating small channels in the skin by rearranging the space between the cells thanks to the special electromagnetic waves of our needleless mesotherapy equipment. Substances acting on them also reach the cells in the deeper layers of the skin, which we could not otherwise reach with other procedures. On the other hand, these cells are in an earlier stage of epithelial formation, so their water content is higher and their chemical structure differs from the epithelial cells of the skin surface. Therefore, these cells can absorb and utilize more active substances than their counterparts on the skin surface.


The channels opened during the treatment are closed immediately at the end of the treatment, so there is no damage, skin peeling or healing time after the procedure.

During the short, thirty-minute treatments we use active substances of medical grade.

Our guests can choose from the following treatments:

The Botox-like effect therapy: Botox, also known as botulinum toxin, has been one of the most sought-after anti-wrinkle solutions in medicine for decades, the well-known effect of which is to paralyze facial muscles to a certain degree. To replace this, a gentler solution was developed, acetyl hexapeptide-3, or argireline, made up of six amino acids, whose mechanism of action is similar to medical Botox: the peptide blocks the functioning of the SNARE protein complex, causing the muscle to relax. Acetylcholine is released in the motor nerve endings of the nervous system, causing muscle contraction. Argireline treatment selectively prevents the release of acetylcholine, thus naturally inhibiting muscle contraction.

The product is suitable for reducing wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Biotin cell regeneration therapy: Biotin, or better known as Vitamin H, is one of the most important compounds for the formation of skin cells. Its application enhances the formation of new cells and cell regeneration. It plays an important role in carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism. It is essential for skin DNA replication mechanisms.

Taurine express skin renewal therapy: Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that also occurs in the human body. It works as an extra energy booster and detoxifier. It stabilizes cell membranes and plays a role in regulating calcium flow through membranes. It helps skin restructuring and participates in the synthesis of keratin.

Anti-aging facial treatments

Young, fresh skin is the basic embodiment of beauty. Over time and due to environmental damage, our skin loses its elasticity and firmness. One of the reasons for this is that as time progresses, some layers of our skin become thinner, and their moisture and fiber content will be less. That is why it is very important to continuously nourish our skin from the inside and outside and help it fight against aging. Our professional principle is professionalism and the development of a personalized care method. Our guests benefit from very special, complex and proven effective treatment rituals.

Our experts also take special care to share facial and body care, nutrition and hydration suggestions at home.

Janssen Apple stem cell treatment: Skin cells have the ability to self-reproduce. When they divide, a new skin cell is formed in the immediate vicinity of the stem cell, which divides and migrates to the stratum corneum.

The presence of such stem cells is critical for example during wound healing, because without stem cells, new skin cells cannot be formed.

With advancing age, the ability of cells to divide decreases and regeneration processes take significantly longer. Other negative influences, such as UV radiation, further reduce the reproductive capacity of stem cells. Then the plant stem cells become especially useful for the human skin. They have the same features as human stem cells, i.e. they are self-reproducing and stimulate regeneration processes. The treatment is based on stem cell complexes containing plant stem cell extract and derived from a Swiss apple variety, which supports skin regeneration by strengthening and protecting human skin cells.

JANSSEN Hyaluron treatment: The skin’s lack of moisture has visible signs even at a young age. Air-conditioned rooms, alternation of heat and cold, inadequate moisture in the skin or inadequate skin cleaning dry out the skin, which is often tense and wrinkles appear on it.

Hyaluron is one of the most important moisture-binding components in our skin. The high-concentration products used during the treatment are anti-wrinkle and skin-lifting and have a moisturizing effect thanks to the high concentration of short-chain hyaluronic acid. Long-chain hyaluronic acid forms a protective layer in the epidermis, while short-chain hyaluronic acid acts in the deeper layers of the skin. The moisture delivered to the deeper layers rises and fills the skin with moisture from the inside out. Both of them fill the skin with moisture and stabilize its lipid levels. The feeling of tension may be significantly reduced, as the abdominal region becomes stronger and more flexible. Another feature of the treatment is the presence of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which, thanks to its special structure, creates a very stable, moisturizing network on the skin, with a significant plumping effect.

White lupine extract appearing in the products used during the treatment helps epidermal protein and lipid synthesis and limits transepidermal water loss.

The root extract of the desert plant Imperata cylindrica significantly increases the moisture level in the upper layers as well.

As a result of the treatment, the dry, fairly low-fat skin receives a new sensation of relaxation, flexibility and elasticity. It has a regenerating effect from one day to another and strengthens the protection of the skin.

JANSSEN Intensive lifting treatment: The biggest problem with mature skin is the loss of elasticity and, as a result, the formation of crow’s feet and wrinkles. The face loses its fullness, contour, and thus its shape and color. Sagging, flabby skin makes the face look much older. When the flabbiness disappears, we will look incomparably younger.

By using our products containing elastin-stimulating peptides during the treatment, the facial contour will be visibly lifted and firmer. The revolutionary new mechanism of action of the peptides directly targets elastin synthesis and its elastic tissues. In addition, the ampoule used during the treatment contains a patented, highly active plant-based active ingredient, which is especially effective against not very aesthetic pigmentation disorders, age spots and red skin spots. In addition, it also protects the skin against burning and harmful free radicals. It protects the visible pigment substances (collagen, hemoglobin and melanin) found in the skin, which will give it a flawless appearance, without all kinds of unevenness and pigmentation problems.

During the treatment, we also treat skin that has thinned as a result of hormonal changes in a targeted way, in order to increase its protective function and resilience.

During the treatment we also support the skin in the fight against free radicals with acerola cherry active ingredients, with which the facial features appear noticeably smoother even after one application.

In addition, the red clover extract found in the products reduces wrinkles, tightens and hydrates the skin. Kombucha, made from fermented black tea, is able to stimulate the growth of fat cells in the skin, thus acting as a natural lipo-filling agent.

Janssen Collagen booster treatment: Anti-aging treatment based on marine collagen ensures an immediately visible contour-lifting effect.

Our products containing marine collagen counteract the decrease in tissue tension and minimize wrinkles.

The collagen-rich formula used during the treatment helps the skin to triple its natural collagen content, making it youthful, fuller and tighter. The marine collagen ensures a noticeable lifting effect on the skin, protecting it as an invisible film that locks in moisture and fills in fine wrinkles and lines.

The pomegranate flower extract that is found in our products, combined with stabilized vitamin C, activates the skin’s own collagen production, at the same time prevents the breakdown of collagen fibers and counteracts its premature aging. In addition, the red clover extract found in the products reduces wrinkles, tightens and hydrates the skin. Kombucha made from fermented black tea can stimulate the growth of fat cells in the skin, thus acting as a natural lipo-filling agent.

Janssen Caviar treatment: When there is more stress, facial contours look particularly flabby and tired. Strong sun exposure, weight loss and toxins such as caffeine or nicotine mean excessive burden for the skin. With its active biological ingredients, caviar extract can be an ideal solution that activates and vitalizes tired, flabby skin, protects against free radicals, and can visibly help tired and stressed skin with low energy.

The treatment helps the formation of new cells, supports natural regeneration processes and has an excellent effect against early skin-aging.

The caviar extract in our products contains amino acids and saccharides, and is a free radical binder, hydrating and protective layer forming at the same time, supports the micro-circulation and oxygen supply of the skin, enhancing the forming of new cells. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins and lipids. The cellular structure of caviar is similar to the structure of skin: it contains 50-70% water and even contains similar percentages of fat, protein and trace elements as well. Caviar’s vitamins (A, D, B1, B2, B6), microelements (copper, zinc, phosphorus, silicon), protein-building amino acids (glycine, lysine, histidine, arginine, asparagine) are also considered strong skin builders.

In addition, among the active ingredient complexes used during the treatment, the sea plankton extract and the Artemia extract are outstanding, which have skin-improving effects and activate cell metabolism, thus energizing the cells of our skin.

Janssen Platinum luxury treatment: The basis of our treatment is the innovative Platinum MP Complex, which provides complete structural improvement of the skin, better tone and youthful radiance. It effectively smooths out wrinkles, especially mimic wrinkles and crow’s feet, giving the entire face a much more toned appearance.

The active ingredient Matrixyl Synthe6 is an innovative peptide that is be proven to remove wrinkles. The highly effective peptide stimulates the synthesis of the skin’s six main building blocks (Collagen I, III and IV, glycoprotein that plays a key role in cell growth, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin-5). Another valuable component of the treatment is Platina Colloid, which immediately visibly refreshes the skin.

The extract of Persian silk acacia bark (albizia julibrissin) present in our products used during the treatment protects and restores damaged collagen fibers through glucose synthesis and supports the skin’s own detoxification system that immediately fills the tormented, dull facial skin with life.

Short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid provides extra moisture to the skin. Vitamin E acetate transforms into pure vitamin E in the skin and thereby provides protection for cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and helps protect the skin from premature aging.

In addition to the intensive hydrating effect of short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid, the rich lipids extracted from the seeds of the tropical mango fruit are coating the skin with a gentle protective layer.

In addition to its luxurious anti-wrinkle effect, the serum of the Platinum family also provides protection against UV, Blue and Infrared radiation.

SKEYNDOR Eternal treatment: The Skeyndor Eternal product line supports the skin’s own regeneration, with the targeted use of patent-protected stem cells extracted from apples.

During the procedure, the plant stem cells closed into nano-liposomes stimulate active operation of our own stem cells that start to gradually decrease in intensity in our early forties.

These stem cells form the basis of our skin’s renewal. These cells are specifically stimulated, regenerated and nourished by the active ingredients.

Thanks to the strong anti-wrinkle effect of the product family, the result is a more active skin activity and the initiation and enhancement of the skin regeneration functions of the lazy stem cells.

The products used during the treatment contain plant-derived nano-liposomal stem cells, which enhance the reproduction of the skin’s natural stem cells. In addition, the jambu extract rebuilds the collagen fibers and promotes their adhesion to the connective tissue, while the sea fennel extract regulates cell division, effectively detoxifies oxygen-deficient cells, and normalizes the cell proliferation of the external epithelial layer. Sea lavender extract, which has a fast and powerful anti-wrinkle effect, is also a valuable anti-wrinkle ingredient of the product line. This effect is complemented by the wolf bean extract, which compresses and tightens the skin tissue, provides more toned facial lines, increases the skin’s resilience and enhances natural collagen formation.

SKEYNDOR Corrective treatment: The Corrective product family with unique drone technology is also known as an alternative to plastic filling. This is a very exclusive treatment, with an anti-wrinkle and wrinkle filling phase, which will be crowned with a mask containing real pearls.

The liposomes acting as drones deliver the valuable, skin-building ingredients to the sensitive receptors of the cells.

Cosmetic drone technology is the latest active ingredient delivery system, which consists of an active ingredient carrying globule and a guiding, navigating peptide ligand. Therefore, the active substance is delivered specifically to the appropriate cell that takes it up by endocytosis. With this method, 100% of the active ingredient reaches the appropriate cell. During the treatment, we can deliver a relaxing substance to the nerve cells responsible for muscle contraction, thus moderating the release and transmission of the stimulus. The effect is botox-like, but without the use of toxins, with the contribution of also a neurotransmitter that blocks the transmission of stimuli.

The compression of the fibers is achieved via so colled fillers. These are Anemarrhena aspheloides and Dictyopteris membranacea, as well as sesamine extracted from sesame seeds, which together ensure a continuous, tight tone.

Another group of fillers is frontal wrinkle fillers with Ultra Filling Spheres™ technology. This is a bio-identical hybrid filling material that can swell up to sixty times, thereby achieving much more intensive wrinkle filling.

Effective skin lightening and spot treatment program

The color of our skin is influenced by many factors: among others, the amount of hemoglobin in red blood cells, the melanin in epithelial cells or the amount of carotenes dissolved in the stratum corneum.


Melanin is a protective pigment in the skin that partly blocks UV rays and partly protects the DNA of cells from harmful UV rays. In addition to its many beneficial properties, melanin also plays a role in abnormal pigmentation and the development of melanoma.


Hyperpigmentation is when too much pigment is produced in the skin. This can be traced back to a number of reasons: it can develop after inflammation due to pigmentation, pregnancy, medications, certain perfumes, diseases, increased UV radiation or deeper physical damage to the skin.


Due to the overproduction of melanin, spots of different locations, sizes, and darker or lighter colors may appear on the skin. This change can disturb those affected, so with the arrival of autumn it is worth paying more attention to them. According to an American research, 21.8% of people affected by hyperpigmentation felt that others focused on their skin problem rather than on their person, 32.7% did not feel attractive because of their skin, while 23.6% felt that their skin problem negatively affected their everyday life.


Thanks to the Janssen Cosmetics product line, the AW Cosmetics pigment treatment applied to problematic skin visibly fades pigment spots, reduces their extent and prevents their further development, resulting in a uniform skin tone. Weekly salon treatments are supplemented with a home care product: our two-phase home Melafadin concentrate is an active, intensive skin lightening concentrate with a high content of active ingredients, which inhibits melanin synthesis, protects against oxidative stress, supports the skin’s natural defenses and activates collagen synthesis.

JANSSEN Soothing treatment for sensitive and hypersensitive skin

The JANSSEN product line used during the treatment was specially developed for the care of irritated and hypersensitive skin. The products soothe, soften and strengthen the skin without dyes or preservatives. They reduce irritation, redness, rosacea and erythema.


The basic ingredients of the product line developed for sensitive skin are soothing substances such as allantoin, a-Bisabolol, D-Panthenol and hyaluron. In addition, the product line also contains two patented ingredients that strengthen the skin’s capillary system and soothe skin irritation, reducing skin redness. The so-called Sensitive Complex is a highly active plant extract from the active ingredients of Asian swamp pennywort, calendula, horse chestnut and licorice roots. Skin Defense Complex is made from blackcurrant seed oil. Extremely rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it reduces inflammation and restores the skin’s barrier function. In addition, this ingredient also contains a highly active phytocomplex, which is rich in phytosterols and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Regular treatment, supplemented with careful skin care at home, soothes irritated skin in the long term, relieves redness, and improves the appearance of the skin.

Moisture replenishing combined treatment

AW Cosmetics’ new October Sale is a new treatment that debuted on Debrecen Television’s “Praktikák” (Practices) program.

The moisture replenishing combined treatment package is a series of nourishing, energizing, skin renewing treatments that include a
• 3D software face diagnostics with our SKIN SMART DIAGNOSIS system,
• JANSSEN pampering face milk, followed by tonic cleansing,
• Hydroabrasion combined with enzyme peeling,
• PowerShape2 radiofrequency facial rejuvenation,
• Stem cell anti-aging and wrinkle-filling active ingredients combined with cosmetic massage,
• Gold collagen eye mask,
• Hyaluronic mouth mask applied after mouth exfoliation,
• vitamin-rich UV and blue light filter DD cream.

UV-free tanning

UV-free tanning is a natural tanning process that can be used by expectant mothers, those with sensitive skin, those suffering from sun allergies, those who burn quickly and anyone who does not want to expose their skin to expensive radiation.
With the UV-free tanning technology, we can give your skin a beautiful tan in 10 minutes.
To achieve a tan, you don’t have to spend hours in the sun or go to a solarium, so you don’t have to worry about aging-accelerating and harmful UV effects either.

During the treatment, we use only natural ingredients that are paraben- and gluten-free, and their packaging is phthalate-free. The natural raw material used for the tanning process is a special sugar derivative (DHA-Dihydroxyactone), which undergoes a chemical reaction with the amino acids found in the upper epidermis layer of the skin and thus forms the beautiful tanned skin that evokes a natural summer tan.
After the solution is applied to the skin, the brown color is immediately visible, while the brown color caused by DHA is fully developed within 24 hours. The result is a beautiful and natural brown skin. The color achieved is completely waterproof and usually lasts for 7-10 days depending on the skin’s hydration and pre-treatment. The skin begins to gradually fade after only 4-5 days, after dead skin cells peel off.

The procedure can be used in all seasons, if the skin is properly hydrated, there is no need to take a break.

By properly preparing the skin, conditioning it and taking care of it after the treatment, the duration of the results of UV – free tanning can significantly be increased.

How to prepare for tanning?
• The tanning agent can achieve the appropriate level of effectiveness on the skin if it is fresh, hydrated and the accumulated, dead skin cells do not block the way of the natural substance used for the tanning process.
• Therefore even before tanning we should pay attention to the increased hydration of our body and cells inside and out: drink a lot so that we can be hydrated from the inside as well.
• Besides this we should also hydrate our body from the outside with richly nourishing substances: body care products selected according to our skin type are excellent for this.
• Let’s also take care of supporting the breathing of our skin: exfoliation helps our skin to rejuvenate to a great extent.
• Directly before the treatment it is necessary to exfoliate the dead, dry skin cells, so we can prevent the tanning from having a scaly or patchy effect due to the dry skin surface.
• In order to ensure even tanning, make sure that no chemicals are applied to our skin before the treatment (you must avoid the use of soap, products with a high pH value and moisturizers used during the shower drugs, the use of make-up and perfume).

What should we bring with us for the tanning?
• It is suitable to arrive for UV-free tanning in comfortable dark, loose-fitting clothes and underwear. Tight clothing may rub off or smudge the bronzer.
• It is advisable to wear dark colored underwear during the treatment.
• The treatment takes only 10-15 minutes and after the procedure you can return to your daily activities.
• Showering is possible four hours after the treatment. It is recommended to use only clean water for the first shower (it is advisable to use shower gel only for the next day’s shower in order to achieve the desired effect)
• In order to reach more intensive color it is advised to pay attention to the increased hydration of our skin between treatments.

Professional makeup

In our Aesthetic Center it is also possible to prepare for and event like a photo shoot, ribbon-cutting ceremony, ball, wedding, christening by choosing the colors in advance that match the event with professional make-up products based on prior consultation. Based on prior consultation, our colleagues also go out to events where it is necessary to quickly apply make up to several people (e.g. wedding guests, bachelorette parties, birthdays, children’s parties, prom parties or other groups).

The products we use represent the highest professional standards, are durable, skin-friendly and spectacularly pigmented.

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